Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Join the band wagon? Why not - it's the only game in town

Just found out that the club I play water polo at - Otter Aquatic Club (map) - is another victim of the hoopla around the Army Tattoo at the nearby Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH). The entire stretch of main road - around 1km by my estimate - had been closed off to all traffic since the shindig started. I had seen a notice inside the club that parking restrictions at the club would be tighter during the event (it's a nice little perk to be able to park one's car there and stroll over to the more popular events).

Today I hear the entire club has been sealed off - no practices, let alone boozing, snooker, squash, tennis, badminton, rustifying (did I mention boozing?) or anything else that usually goes on there.

The Rubicon had its uses...

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