Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ideators - Apprentice-style show with some twists

As I type I'm watching British and Sri Lankan university students in a Sri Lankan Apprentice-style show sponsored by the British Council (on ETV, for those in SL).

Yes, I cringed, more when watching the old-school corporate guys trying to tune in or - alas - communicate (through no fault of their own - will save that for a later rant).

But hey, they were out there on the streets, the corporate guys obviously had to wrap their minds around something new, and the presentations seem to have had some good analysis behind them - profit margins, demographic preferences, lateral thinking. The Sri Lankan students more than held their own - and this experience will hopefully stay with them as they go out into the workforce - hopefully the Sri Lankan workforce (separate rant alert)

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Randima said...

Dear Diya Rakusa,

It's great to know that you watched Season 1 of IDEATORS.

This is to inform you that IDEATORS is back, and this time it is filled with much more excitement and action-filled epsiodes.

IDEATORS Season 2 will premiere tonight at 9pm on ARTv. The repeat telecast will be aired the following Sunday at 8pm.

You can read more about IDETAORS on our facebook page:


Randima Jayasinghe
Assistant Manager Marketing & Communications
British Council